Welcome to the Kelso High Archive page.

The idea of starting an archive was prompted by the loss of so much of the school’s documentary history in the 2005 fire. People’s memories live on, however, and the amount of memorabilia that has come flooding in has been terrific. This online archive collects those scans, photos, videos from the Kelso community.

There is also a ‘hard copy’ archive being housed at the school. It contains every Panorama magazine, original photos, ex-students’ assignments, old uniforms and badges and much more. The first principal of the school, Norm Robinson, has donated his own extensive personal memorabilia collection as well.

Thanks to all the ex-students and teachers who have contributed items to the archive. It is a ‘work in progress’, so please continue to send in anything you think may be of interest to people to stroeve@bigpond.net.au

The BIGGEST thank you to Todd Miller IT guru KHC for setting me up & teaching me enough to finish it off.


08.01.20 Ex-student donations: Katrina Stockman, Kylie Dudley, Leanne Chenery & Suzanne Morris

07.02.20 Ex-KHS Principal Paul Stirling. Fire powerpoint & Tommy Emmanuel playing in Demountable KHC

19.02.20 Ex-student donations – Mixed Others: 1992 Western Region Debating Champs

23.02.20 Words to old KHS school song (in with Panorama magazines)

27.02.20 Stroevey memories

22.03.20 More Stroevey stuff – Model farms, Cross Country, Swimming carnivals, Yr 12 1983, Girls b’ball in Young, First 1978 ‘Newspaper’

Also programs for musicals The Wiz and Smithy.

25.03.20 Again More Stroevey memories: Model Farms, floods, Basketball, Yr 12 1980s, City to Surf and more… Also Musical Salad Days photos from 80s (in Long term teacher section)

20.04.20 Grad Ball program 1989 (Tara Malart) & 1985 (Lyndal Cohen) (in Student Donations: )

03.06.20 Bus Protest/Strike of 1982 (student donations – others)

21.06.20 Newsletters 2007 – 2019 (in with Panorama mags)

22.07.20 Student Donations: Jenny Toole – 1981 Hockey articles & photos; Robyn Harrison VC blazer 1982 (in others); 1976 pic of Waterworks Lane demountables (in old photos)

27.10.20 Photos from Teachers Pat Taylor, Chris Elliott, Sandra Howarth, Rod Weiss ,Graham Blackett & Col Anderson in Celebrating long-term KHS teachers section.

05.02.21 KHS Virtual Tour Launch – media reports, ABC interview, original plans, Janelle Lindsay live Face Book commentary, links to project video (more to come – trying to upload BIG files)

06.02.21 Photos etc from Lyndal Cohen, Craig Horner, 1990 Grad Ball & Lisa Little. 2010 Grad speeches etc from Russell Nankervis

14.02.21 90’s Music memories from Jo Moore (mixed others – student donations). 2006 Public consultation on KHS – documentation record of 3 nights of Community Consultation resulting in KHC (see rebuilding KHC folder). Woodwork photos from Dave Kelly 2004-07Also 2020 Panorama magazine.

14.06.21 Added 20 photos from teacher John Payne

21.08.2021 Added photos from teacher Peter Lemon

27.01.2022 Zac Belmonte Aerial views of Kelso 1964 – 2021 in ex-student donation section

25.07.22 Class of ’94 from Alison Lang (nee Smith) – Grad ball, last day etc

17/12/22 Panorama 2022 added

01/04/23 Added 2022 Decade Awardee Fern Wickson, and more Library Archive cuttings up to 10/12/22